When you begin as a founding member of a Board like the Professional Marketing Group, you begin not knowing what will come of the time and effort you contribute – you just hope it will make a difference.

The original few came together with a shared vision, a compelling need, and a desire to serve our marketing community with the kind of education and networking opportunities that usually require a prohibitive commute.

Over the last six years, the PMG Board has been an anchor of marketing education, connection with like-minded (awesome) people, and simply a joy to be part of such a heart-centered group of creatives.

We’ve navigated offering at least four programs a year and an annual conference. We graduated to become an official nonprofit, went through a re-branding, and have been honored by the support of the esteemed North Bay Business Journal since our inception.

Looking back, it’s rewarding to see that all of the hours and dedication have indeed made a difference. Through collaboration and care, past and present PMG Board members have come together month after month with countless committee meetings in between – creating something irreplaceable out of what once was nothing.

As outgoing president, my business had shifted from VP of Marketing to Employee Engagement & Leadership Consultant (Elaina Marie Consulting). I knew I needed to shift my volunteer efforts to something more aligned with my current work, and it was difficult to accept I wouldn’t be spending an hour and a half every month with some of the most inspiring people I know.

I’ll still be attending programs and mixers because there isn’t a better local resource and community for keeping up with today’s most important marketing best practices.

I’m extending a huge thank you to all past board members, current board members, and PMG community for making this journey extremely rewarding and ridiculously fun.

Thank you for being part of helping PMG be the incredible community it is today.

Kind regards, Elaina Marie
Employee Engagement Consultant and Leadership Coach, speaker, and author of Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead.