My name’s Ryan Perry I’m on the board with PMG and today I want to talk about the importance of the “two-second rule” when you’re shooting video.

What is the two-second rule? Well the two-second rule is something I came up with the help clients make sure that they leave enough room when editing videos. And what I mean is that a lot of times people like to start talking but they’re looking down. So as an example, “Hi my name’s Ryan”. The problem is from an editing point of view if you’re looking down while you’re talking, I have to include that, or the editor has to include you looking up. It just doesn’t make a very clean cut or edit.

Instead what I like to do is just look into the camera and pause for two seconds. And then start talking. It just allows room for editing. Where it’s really going to help you though is that most time, you’re not going to do a two or three-minute video without messing up. That’s Okay. After you stumble, just stop. And then go back to the original sentence where you screwed up and just start talking again. It makes the flow of shooting videos very, very easy.

The one other area that you can use this two-second rule is at the end of the video. Once you’re done, I’m just going to look into the camera pause for two seconds. That way there’s room to edit on the backside.

That’s you’re one-minute video tip, the two second rule. I highly recommend you start using it today. I think you’ll find it will make your life a lot easier.

If you have any questions or comments. Feel free to leave them below. Thank you.