Joining PMG as a group is great for team-building. Many of our loyal members are part of a larger organization’s internal marketing department. Groups that come from an internal marketing department tend to work closely together, and rely on unity to accomplish project tasks. Joining PMG as a group will help your team stay well-informed on the latest marketing tools and trends to better run your department — and ultimately, your business.

The advantages to group memberships are:

  • Discounted rates
  • Educational takeaways: Share info you learn from the programs with others in your business.
  • Motivation: PMG programs can help to reinvigorate your team and ignite motivation.
  • Team building: Going to PMG programs and events as a group builds relationships among co-workers and strengthens intraoffice bonds.
  • Empowerment: When you learn new things, you feel empowered. That encouragement leads to better work-flow and product from you and your team.
  • Business pays for your membership: Businesses often like to invest in their employees long-term. PMG is a way for businesses to help their marketing teams stay ahead of the curve and keeping them motivated (and it’s a tax write-off for them, so win-win).

Below, Natalia Jaramillo talks a bit more about PMG membership benefits:

Membership group rates are $85 per person — a $14 savings. We require that Groups be a minimum of three or more people from a given organization or business in order to qualify for the discounted Group rate per person.

Group memberships require PMG approval. If you would like to join as a group, contact PMG Membership. Tell us know how many are in your group, and what business you are from. We respond within 24-hrs.

We look forward to hearing from you!
—The PMG Board