In today’s One-Minute Marketing Tip, I want to talk about how to get more online reviews for your local business.

Hi, I’m Sarah Giometti. I’m a board member of Professional Marketing Group or PMG North Bay. And, we’re going to talk about adding reviews online for your local business.

With over 80% of consumers believing online reviews, this is imperative for local businesses have good reviews and a good quantity of reviews online.

The easiest first step I tell all of my clients to get new reviews online is ask your five or 10 best clients and customers. The ones that you have a really great relationship, a great friendship with. Those are easy ones to ask and say, “Hey can you do me a favor and give me a review on Google Facebook Yelp?” Those are pretty much the top three you should focus on.

So, that is the number one tip on how to get more positive reviews online for your business.

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