Hey! This is Natalia from PMG and today for the One-Minute Marketing Tip I’m going to be talking about collaboration.

So, one of the things that I’d love to do in my business with my clients is kind of support their process especially when it comes to content. I’m a big advocate for Google; Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google presentations. Not only is it easy to use, any first timer can log in create a document, create a spreadsheet, create a presentation, but it becomes really easy as you start working together to leave comments for one another. I do this a lot especially when I’m working on website projects. I’ll create what I call a copy deck within a spreadsheet in Google. It will create tabs to make it really easy.

Maybe I’m looking at a couple of different pieces of marketing collateral or various pages across a website. So, what’s really wonderful is I’ll create the structure for my client, and I’ll support them with sample content. So, I’ll go in there, I’ll draft up what I think could be a great place to start, for them to start editing. And the client can come in and because we can share the document, I can give anyone access either edit or comment, they can just pop in there and start making their own changes and everything happens in real time.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit flexible that is very user friendly for anybody at any level of technology, either fear or acceptance. Definitely give Google Drive, Google docs spreadsheets, presentations a chance. It’s made things very easy with me and my clients.

So, that’s been my One-Minute Marketing Tip. If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave your comments below. Thanks.