Learn the value in creating a compelling set of core values, and building a company culture that supports your brand from the inside out.

“If you don’t develop a mutually reinforcing relationship between culture and brand, you miss the opportunity to unleash their combined power.”

~ Denise Lee Yohn | Author, Fusion: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies

Join PMG for a powerful Lunch & Learn exploring how you can build a brand to believe in — get practical advice on what that entails — from the Why, to the How — with insights from a strategic creative who has used his expertise across entertainment and nonprofit arenas to successfully increase TV ratings on shows that have lost their mojo, and boost nonprofit donations through rebuilding community trust and simplifying the giving process.

Rich Rhodes will provide compelling insight into valuing your brand and lifting it up to be successful — by brand-building from the inside out. Brands must inspire teamwork and exceed expectations, while real-time business operations must reinforce a brand’s promise. These are great words, but how do you do this in the real world?

In Rich’s own words:
Build Trust
Whether getting rowdy NBA fans on the streets of L.A. to cheer on cue or inspiring “high net worth” philanthropic partners to invest in systems change, it’s all about keeping it real and keeping your word.

Create Space
I’m not sure which is more challenging: driving up TV ratings or increasing nonprofit donations. I’ve successfully done both by meeting folks where they are, then creating the space they need to build a community all their own.

Are You What You Say You Are?
I value every branding project for the work itself but also the people I get to work with, ranging from maniacal task-masters to touch-y, feel-y gurus. Through it all, whether lifting up a struggling community clinic or refining branding for a branding agency, the tension internally and externally consistently manifests at the same pain point: are you what you say you are?

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LUNCH & LEARN: Find Your Why. But Celebrate Your How.
The most successful brands, whether B2C or B2B, ground themselves in healthy, inspiring internal cultures. When companies take the time to cultivate staff and curate their day-to-day interactions around a clear and compelling set of core values, those brands find real, meaningful purpose that’s reaffirmed continuously by an inspired team of true believers. In practice, real-time business operations must reinforce a brand’s promise.

Rich Rhodes, Vice President of Strategic Engagement – United Way
Brand Strategist | Communications Executive | Creative Writer/Producer | Team Builder

As a writer and creative producer, I’ve developed national ad campaigns, written for television sitcoms, and produced the iconic Emmy-winning program “SportsCenter.” As a communications executive for United Way, I know how to tell compelling stories that highlight unique value propositions, turning clients, partners, and funders into true believers. And as a progressive, holistic brand strategist, I am committed to lifting up staff with professional development opportunities, providing clarity and support to help build high-functioning teams, and exploring operational efficiencies to make sure we are on task, on brand, and on point to grow as an organization.

Thursday, May 20, 2021
12 – 1:30 p.m. – via Zoom
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