Today I want to give you three key factors to creative storytelling and hopefully this will translate into some very engaged audience participation.

First, keep in mind that your story should evoke emotion. Whatever your product, service opportunity is with your client, connect with them. Tell them something that’s going to make them feel something about what you’re telling them.

Keep it simple but be clever when possible. Make sure you have a beginning a middle and an end and make sure there’s resolution. So, if you want to have a clever cliffhanger that’s going to keep them wanting more at the end. That’s great, just make sure that you don’t leave them hanging.

By crafting an eloquent story for your brand, you’re going to be able to effectively connect with your audience. This is really important and allowing them to identify what it is that you have to offer them and why they should choose you. This story is going to create engagement and it’s going to be something that they can share with somebody else. And the most important thing that you can do is remove that marketing jargon and get people telling your story to others to help inspire what you have to offer.

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