In today’s One-Minute Marketing Tip we’re going to talk about the power of Facebook Live for your business.

Hi, I’m Sarah Giometti, one of the board directors of Professional Marketing Group Northbay or PMG. In this video we’re going to talk about why you should implement Facebook Live for your business in 2019.

The very first reason is the consumers, the people, they really like to see live videos because they feel like they’re getting the most recent up to date current information. And they’re also getting real life information. Not produce videos where you taken a ton of time to make sure it’s “perfect”. They want to see real people.

The next thing, why Facebook Live is so easy, is it easy. All you need is your smartphone and a nice uncluttered background. And you can do Facebook lives on your business page everyday if you want to. It’s really that easy. And the most important part is, Facebook is really pushing Facebook Live right now. And it is the best organic reach content you can create for your business. If you do it consistently, that’s the real key. The more often you do Facebook lives on your business page, the more reach each consecutive video is going to get.

So, these are really key reasons why Facebook Live will be very impactful for any business in 2019.

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