Time for a Brand Refresh?

Sometimes we put our brand on autopilot. When that happens, many things can slip through the cracks. Particularly in the fast-paced digital age of online marketing. If your business is struggling to gain traction with new or existing customers, it’s signaling that a brand refresh may be the solution.

How do you know? Ask yourself the following common questions, and you might find the answer quickly:

Target Audience: Are you effectively reaching the right audience?

Often when sales are sluggish, it’s because the message, brand and products/services are not reaching the right target audience. There could be many reasons for this. It’s always a good idea to continually evaluate WHO your audience is, WHY they should want to know more about your products or services, and WHERE to reach them.

Answering these basic questions helps to discover an alternate pathway to reaching your ideal demographic. New messaging and a fresh look that’s properly funneled through the right channels can turn things around quickly.

Brand Design: Is it stale?

Brands, like bread, can get stale over time. Your brand is more than a logo. It should connect with your audience, by evoking a sense, such as: Service, use, trust, security, excitement, nostalgia, etc. That connection should be part of everything your brand touches: Website, social media, ads, email marketing, store displays, etc. Don’t be so wed to your brand that it becomes impossible to not see when it might be working against you. Nailing down who your audience truly is (and is not) will help determine what direction a rebranded design should take.

In fact, the patterns, behaviors and needs of customers inevitably change over time. Your customer base will, too. In order to retain or obtain them, you need to become top-of-mind with them. Your brand should stay ahead of the curve by not being afraid to evolve. Finding a way to stay relevant to your customers is key.

Consistency: Does your branding maintain consistency?

Confusion is a brand killer. As marketers, we often notice businesses that appear confused, sending mixed signals to their audience. If the brand is confused, potential customers will be, too. A brand should always know who they are, who they’re selling to, and messaging should be on point. Even if you sell several products or services, there should always be an underlying theme and/or motivation to maintain brand consistency.

A major part of a rebrand is for businesses to make sense of their digital collateral and content, and ensure that it’s consistent across all channels used.

Roadmap to a Brand Refresh

Please join PMG president Natalia Jaramillo Gonzalez and board member Brandt Hoekenga for this month’s online webinar program, “Roadmap to a Brand Refresh.” They will help you take the wheel on your own brand refresh.

Thursday, May 21
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