Tom Mitchell, Ph.D

Tom Mitchell’s passion for exploring the boundaries of performance and leadership began as an athlete in his native Pennsylvania. His avid study of sports psychology, motivation, and personal development have led Tom to a richly varied career as a collegiate coach, professor, NBA team counselor, corporate executive coach, author, and speaker.

Co-founder of MVP Performance Institute, Tom works closely with business leaders in a wide range of industries, focusing on team dynamics, leadership development, and life transitions. His straightforward methods and practices reveal the importance of tapping into one’s “inner game,” which leads to greater team and individual performance. Tom’s skillful interweaving of sport psychology principles within business teams is driven by his desire to help leaders realize their potential and perform at their best.

Tom co-authored The Winning Spirit: Sixteen Timeless Principles that Drive Performance Excellence with NFL legend Joe Montana, Winning Spirit Basketball with NBA Hall of Fame member Chris Mullin, and Winning Spirit Business: Sharpen Your Performance Edge with MVP co-founder Hilleary Hoskinson.