Brian Weller

With 40 years of consulting experience in 20 countries, Brian has secured clients from many Fortune 100 companies. He is a professional facilitator, keynote speaker and a specialist in business development and applied cognitive science. After obtaining a Master’s degree in industrial design and applied psychology, Brian co-founded two international consulting firms, is a visiting professor at three universities and has built a reputation as a business savant, entrepreneur, and innovator.

Brian was a consultant with IBM Holland’s marketing division bringing innovative sales and marketing training using professional actors from The Royal Shakespeare Company. In the 1980s, his company partnered with Time Manager International to train 30,000 British Airways employees on their Putting People First customer service seminars, the world’s first large-scale corporate business development program.

He is currently working with the Town of Windsor bringing Legendary Customer Service workshops to its town employees. Brian is a passionate environmentalist, master meditation teacher, artist and theater set designer. He has contributed to three books on applied cognitive science and lives with his family and cats in the redwoods of Northern California.