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Date(s) - 12/04/2015
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Redwood Credit Union Community Room

Socialize Like a Superhero! Take the Fear Out of Networking This Holiday Season

We did something different for this program! In the spirit of the holiday season and to ready our you and your team for the onslaught of mixers and receptions and parties, we created an extended program that acted as our PSMG holiday get-together and provided some useful tips for in-person social networking. This was not only an event for experienced marketers, several people invite their clients, partners, executives, and leadership that may not be as comfortable working the room as us marketers might be. Basically, we taught a room full of people how to mix, mingle, and be a superhero for their brand.

We were delighted to have superhero extraordinaire, Kerry Rego, – social media trainer, technology consultant, author, and speaker – lead a discussion and share some advice about how you too can be a superhero.

Some topics we discussed:

  • Designing your Costume: What is the best way to present yourself? What costume best sells you and your services/products, especially in your industry?
  • Leaving your Calling Card: What should your business card and/or other marketing materials contain for best follow ups?
  • Overcoming the super-villain, Fear:
    • What are good icebreakers?
      – What are things NOT to bring up?
      – Goal-driven conversation, how to naturally arrive at common business grounds
  • Finding your Justice League: Who to interact with for best results (for both of you)?
  • Avoiding Network Kryptonite: How to avoid the dreaded ‘comfort zone’ and expand your reach in the room.
    • Talking to new people, avoid turning it into a reunion
      – Eating/drinking instead of interacting

We had some breakouts that helped us put Kerry’s tips and advice to use.

  • The Hero’s Backstory:Defining your elevator speech, and what makes you super to people who ask
  • Your Super Powers:Finding out what you are good at that can be used to better sell yourself at mixers
  • Interacting with Metropolis:How to approach people you don’t know and leave a lasting impression