Lunch Program – How To Master the Right Tone in Relationship Marketing

Universal Language

Did you know that the aviation industry has a standard “Aviation English” language in use throughout the entire world? This is done to minimize the risk of misunderstandings between pilots and air traffic controllers that speak different languages. Unfortunately for marketers, there isn’t a universal marketing language that we can use to communicate with our target audience.

What you will learn...

Our speaker for the PMG Fall Lunch Program, Jon Low, is a professional communications consultant. He will be presenting best practices for building loyalty and increasing customer engagement by using the appropriate tone, language and writing styles for your audience. If you’ve ever had problems figuring out the best way to craft your message, you need to be a part of this event! After attending this lunch program, guests will take home a list of tools and ideas to:
  • Build authentic connections with customers.
  • Figure out the appropriate language and writing style for your brand.
  • Know how to change your tone based on who you are communicating with.

Special Take-Home Offer

Jon Low is kindly offering a FREE .pdf copy of his book "Your Brand of Distinction" to all who attend this program! The book will elaborate on:
  • Crafting your core branding and marketing message.
  • Deeply connecting with your clients and customers.
  • Discovering and raising your value.
  • Uncovering your brand vision, mission and voice.

Thank You to our Legacy Sponsor

Lunch will be provided by PMG Legacy Sponsor, the North Bay Business Journal.


Jon Low

Director of Enrollment & Communications at NLP Marin
Shana Bull

Moderated By

Shana Bull Digital Marketing + Social Relations Strategist

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Event Details


November 8, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


CoLab, Santa Rosa
427 Mendocino Ave #100
Santa Rosa CA 95401

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