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What Do Ladders Have To Do With Marketing?

marketing strategies

Hi my name’s Nate Bauer. I’m part of the board for PMG and today I want to talk to you about ladders. What they are and how they potentially alter your marketing strategies. Ladders quickly said are a ranking of what customers think about your brand versus competing brands. So, let’s say a buddy comes…

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Creative Storytelling – 3 Factors To Engage Your Audience

creative storytelling

Today I want to give you three key factors to creative storytelling and hopefully this will translate into some very engaged audience participation. First, keep in mind that your story should evoke emotion. Whatever your product, service opportunity is with your client, connect with them. Tell them something that’s going to make them feel something…

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How To Shoot Better Video With The 2-Second Rule

video editing tip

My name’s Ryan Perry I’m on the board with PMG and today I want to talk about the importance of the “two-second rule” when you’re shooting video. What is the two-second rule? Well the two-second rule is something I came up with the help clients make sure that they leave enough room when editing videos.…

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Why Is Branding Important For Your Small Business?

branding north bay

Hi, I’m Christy Gentry board member with PMG North Bay and I’m here to give you a One-Minute Marketing Tip on why your brand is important. The importance of your brand reputation is that’s accessible and available and visible across all the channels out there. Technology has made the world a smaller place and how…

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3 Principles of Persuasion And How They Affect Sales Communications

sales persuasion

Hi my name’s Nate Bauer. I’m on the board for PMG. Let’s talk about three principles of persuasion and how they affect your sales communication. Aristotle states there are three principles of persuasion one must adhere to in order to persuade another of an idea. Those principles are ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is the…

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